About Ten Centuries

Ten Centuries is a media production company committed to telling the stories of underserved and marginalized populations. Powerful storytelling through film has the capacity to humanize complex issues, dismantle stereotypes, and change attitudes unlike any other media. Stories have the ability to affect personal and social change, and to move us from a culture of disassociation to a culture of harmony and respect.

Ten Centuries works with nonprofits, social service agencies, issue advocates, and faith-based organizations to powerfully and respectfully capture the humanity of men, women, and children who daily feel the sting of being misunderstood, mistreated, misrepresented, or ignored by our culture at large and by public policies that deny them justice, dignity, and respect, and keep their voices unheard.

Meet the Team

Darren Niesley has 18 years of experience directing and producing film and video for television, advertising, entertainment, and non-profit organizations. He is an accomplished team leader and project manager. He thrives in both live event production and producing material for distribution. Prior to his career in filmmaking, Darren worked as a consulting engineer in the field of Environmental Compliance.

Tim Whitney has spent 19 years as an attorney developing policy and programs at the intersection of criminal justice and behavioral health. Tim also has over 25 years of experience in communication and marketing for public and private organizations, helping them leverage the best mechanism and medium for reaching their audience, from branding and web development to marketing strategy, grant writing and policy development.